Suffer from hip & knee arthritis or chronic knee pain?

Attend our weekly class to receive expert help in
managing your symptoms.

Flex Physio’s Hip & Knee Arthritis Class is a regular group rehabilitation class, tailored to people who experience chronic joint pain and are looking for ways to manage and alleviate their symptoms

Every Tuesday*
11:15 – 12:15

The Park Club
Milton, OX14 4RP

Sign up for
10 weekly sessions.

*Some dates may vary

What is the
Hip & Knee Arthritis Class?

Manage your symptoms | Become more active | Carry out normal activities | Continue to exercise

Whatever your health goals, Flex Physio’s Hip & Knee Arthritis assistance class is designed to facilitate them. Our weekly classes will help you with tailored exercise sessions and group education on how to best manage and alleviate your symptoms.

Sessions combine education and alleviation strategies with an exercise regimen, personalised for each participant. Designed with strong clinical evidence on effective treatments for joint pain, the benefits of our class will speak for themselves.

Each session begins with a short talk about useful coping and alleviation strategies, followed by a circuit of different exercises – guided by one of our specialist physios.

Limited spaces, book now to secure your spot

Additional benefits

of your membership

Discounted access to the Park Club +
Large gym facilities, heated swimming pool & steam room

Class group chat +
Access for all registered members

Course materials +
Handy documents & infographics to reference for help while at home

Easy & Flexible +
Register for 10 sessions and attend on whichever weeks suit you,
based on your own schedule.

How to attend

Dates, times, locations

Tuesday every week (some dates may vary)

Times (24H)
11:15 – 12:15

The Park Club, Milton, Abingdon OX14 4RP

What to bring
Gym/yoga clothes. No need to bring a ticket; just give your
name at reception and they’ll let you straight through.

Limited spaces, book now to secure your spot

Any questions or queries about this course before you book?
Get in touch with us via info@flexphysiopractice.com or by calling us at 01235 313595