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Sports Massage

Feeling the burn?

Get back on-track faster with a sports massage.

Flex Physio’s Sports massage service is a specialised massage treatment, effective as both a pre-sport wake-up for the body, and for recovery and pain relief after intense sporting sessions.

Pre-sport preparation or after-sport recovery

Relieve pain and tension, muscle spasm & more

Improve flexibility, boost circulation, prevent injury

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Sports Massage

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Target results

of a sports massage

Pain relief
Relief for post-exercise muscular soreness, tension, stiffness

Improved flexibility & circulation
Assisted stretches to aid in flexibility of ligaments. Additionally,
sports massage helps improve blood and lymph circulation

Injury prevention
Pre-sport stretches, prepping the body to better cope with strain

Recovery (post-sports or post-injury)
Helps treat pain in the neck, back, hip, elbow, knee, ankle + more.
Sports massage can also break down scar tissue post-operation.

What’s involved

in a sports massage

Finding target area(s)
Depending on your condition, a sports massage may focus on
particular areas of the body for stimulation prep or pain relief.

Deep tissue massage
Localised or general massage with deep pressure application.

Assisted stretching
Where beneficial, employs stretches to improve flexibility and
resilience, useful both in prep for sport and recovery afterwards.

Clinical advice
Our sports massage team works closely with our physiotherapists, helping you spot potential issues sooner and resulting in better health outcomes.

Choose from available dates on our calendar

Any questions or queries about this course before you book?
Get in touch with us via info@flexphysiopractice.com or by calling us at 01235 313595