Pilates classes led by a professional physiotherapist.

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et qualified Pilates help and guidance, with exercises modified and tailored to ability.

Flex Physio’s Physio-led Pilates is a class-format service catering both to new and more experienced Pilates enthusiasts, who want expert guidance in using Pilates to improve their physical health/recovery.

8-week course

Weekly PAYG classes

The Park Club
Milton, OX14 4RP

*Dates & format vary between courses

What is
Physio-led Pilates?

Increase body strength & mobility | Improve balance & posture | Increase muscular endurance

Physio-led Pilates is a class-based Pilates session led by a qualified physio, helping both new and more experienced Pilates enthusiasts improve their Pilates skills and personal regimen. Being guided by a professional physiotherapist enables you to receive more personal feedback on how to use Pilates to improve your bodily health – with exercises modified and tailored to your ability and to any existing musculoskeletal conditions you might have. All in a safe, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Our Beginner course is an 8-week programme suitable for anyone just starting their Pilates journey.
  • Our Improvers class is a regular pay-as-you-go session suitable for anyone already comfortable with the format of Pilates.

If you’re unsure where you fit, just get in touch and we’ll help you choose.

  • Combination of functional movements and breathing techniques
  • Focusing on full body strength and mobility, posture and balance
  • Great way to enhance and exercise the stabilising muscle groups, improving muscular endurance
  • Helps with body shaping and toning
  • Suitable for people with back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions
  • Experienced Physiotherapist instructor with Pilates certification
  • Tuition and exercise modification to suit all abilities and individual needs
  • Small class sizes for more personal care and direction
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Beginner and Improvers classes

What to expect

from Physio-led Pilates

Multi-functional sessions

Combination of functional movements and breathing exercises.

Personalised help & guidance

Tuition and exercise modification to suit all abilities and individual needs.

Warm-up & warm-down

Prepare your body to enhance posture, functional strength, balance & flexibility.

How to attend

Days, times, locations


Beginner course operates in 8-week blocks. Find the next starting date on the Register page.

Improvers class runs every Monday afternoon.




The Park Club, Milton, Abingdon OX14 4RP

What to bring

Dress in yoga or sports clothes.

We’ll provide mats and other equipment.

Limited spaces, book now to secure your spot