Instructions for attending face-to-face appointments

How will I know if my appointment is face-to-face?

Only patients who have already had a virtual consultation with their physiotherapist, and been subsequently advised to attend in person will be seen for face-to-face treatment.

How will I know it’s safe to be seen?

Several measures are being taken to ensure that we are Covid-secure, including patient screening, clinicians wearing PPE, cleaning policies, staggered waiting times and social distancing measures wherever possible. Please see for more details or speak to your physiotherapist at the first virtual consultation.

Do I need to complete any paperwork?

You will be sent a COVID checklist via email 2 days before your first face-to-face appointment. This MUST be completed prior to the day of your appointment. Any patients who arrive having not completed it will be asked to do so before entering the building.

Where do I go?

All face-face-face appointments will be conducted at Garden House Venue, near the A34 on Milton Hill. Address:

Garden House Venue,

Milton Hill,


OX13 6AF

We will keep patients updated about when we will be returning to our usual venue at the Park Club.

How will I check in?

To check in, you will call 01235 313595 and let them know you have arrived. The bookings team will then check you in on the system so that the physio knows you are waiting in you car. Please remain in your car until the clinician comes out to escort you into the building.

What should I wear?

Patients will not be required to wear PPE, but can use a face covering if they wish. We ask that patients don’t bring gloves to a face-to-face appointment. They will be asked to wash their hands before and after being seen.

Can I bring someone with me to the appointment?

We ask that, wherever possible, only the person being seen for the appointment enters the building, but a household member can wait in the car. The only exception is for patients under the age of 16 who will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. If you require a chaperone, please make this is clear at the time of booking. Please note, that anyone who enters the building will need to have completed the COVID checklist. 

Can I change my appointment to a virtual consultation?

Yes. If at any point you develop symptoms, have to self-isolate or just decide that you’d prefer a virtual consultation you can contact the bookings line and book for a virtual appointment instead. Please check the cancellation policy when you book as there may be a late cancellation fee.