Deep-tissue massage therapy: what are the benefits?

Mar 27, 2023

Deep-tissue massage therapy goes beyond the normal remit of stress-relief, to achieve more tangible benefits for patients.


The benefits of a deep-tissue massage cover a broad range of lifestyles, making them worthwhile both for people who spend a lot of their time at a desk, and for people looking to perform in sports.

Deep-tissue massages aim to cater to the patient’s needs, either focusing on particular areas of strain and tension, or promoting relief to the body more broadly. We’ve split these two approaches into two broad categories: Sports Massage and Swedish Massage therapy. Both types of massage therapy employ deep-tissue techniques, but take a subtly distinct approach. See below for more info:


Flex Physio has expanded its deep-tissue massage services! Now you can choose based on your preference which massage is best suited to your needs.


For athletes & the active population

Sports Massage


Massage therapist conducting deep-tissue massage therapy on an athlete's calf. Patient is lying on his front with his left leg bent upwards at the knee.

Sports massage therapy caters specially to athletes or the physically active, who are looking to prepare for (or recover from) their physical activity. It involves the use of deep tissue techniques and assisted stretching to manipulate soft tissue, reduce muscle tension and improve mobility.

Sports massage therapy may help prevent injuries by identifying and addressing strains in the body. By targeting specific muscles and tissues that are prone to soreness, sports massage can help athletes maintain peak physical condition. Athletes can use sports massage to recover faster after intense physical activity and reduce time away from their training. 

In addition, sports massage therapy may help athletes improve their range of motion and flexibility. By working on uncomfortable muscles and manipulating scar tissue, sports massage can help athletes feel that they move more freely and perform at their best. In addition to deep-tissue massage techniques, our team will recommend and assist with stretches that will prepare target areas for exertion and improve mobility.

Finally, sports massage therapy can help athletes manage their stress levels. In many contexts sports can often be high-stress, fuelled by adrenaline. By reducing tension and strain, Sports Massage therapy can help athletes relax, allowing them to perform better on the field or in the gym.

“In addition… our team will recommend and assist with stretches that will prepare target areas for exertion and improve mobility.”
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For day-to-day relief

Swedish Massage


Massage therapist conducting deep-tissue massage work on patient's lower back muscles. Patient is lying on their front.

Swedish massage therapy is a good general-purpose massage, suitable for people from all walks of life. By targeting specific areas of tension and promoting muscle relaxation, Swedish massage can alleviate the aches and pains of everyday life.

Swedish Massage therapy is also thought to be ideal for people who work in sustained positions, such as people who work at a desk, in a lab or at a work-station. Similar to Sports Massage, it primarily uses deep-tissue massage techniques to relieve muscle strain – employing long strokes, kneading, and friction techniques to promote relaxation and reduce muscle tension.

One key benefit of Swedish massage is that it can help people manage stress, and improve their overall well-being. By promoting relaxation and reducing muscle tension, Swedish massage can help people feel more calm and centred, reducing their overall stress levels and rejuvenating their focus. 

“Swedish Massage is thought to be ideal for people who work in sustained positions, such as people who work at a desk, in a lab or at a work-station.”


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In summary…


Both Sports Massage and Swedish Massage therapy offer a range of benefits for people with different lifestyles and physical needs.

Sports massage is ideal for physically active people who need to prepare for and recover from training, while Swedish massage is ideal for people working at desks or work-stations who need to reduce chronic pain and discomfort.


Regardless of the type of massage you choose, Flex’s team of experienced massage therapists will tailor the massage to your specific needs. Our massage therapists work closely with Flex’s wider physiotherapy team, giving you access to advice and second opinions on conditions that may require a more detailed clinical assessment, such as a scan or other investigation. 


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