Flex Physio

A community event for runners, run by expert physios.

Book a ticket to receive expert help on improving your running and staying injury free.

Flex Physio’s Runner’s Workshop is a seasonal event created to help runners of all skill levels to improve their performance and achieve their goals.

Mon 26th October ’24

The Park Club
Milton, OX14 4RP

1-hour event
£5 entry fee

*limited spaces available

What is the
Flex Physio Runner’s Workshop?

Improve running technique | Get footwear & equipment advice | Learn how to prep for endurance events

Flex Physio’s Runners Workshop is a seasonal event where we gather like-minded runners together to share knowledge and help each other improve. Get advice from our physios on everything from beginners principles to elite training considerations and even what footwear or accessories to consider. Learn effective warm-ups to keep you safe while running and let you perform for longer.

Led by our own Melinda Hudson, an avid sportswoman and physio with multiple ultra-endurance events to her name. Joined by Darren Holmes, one of our senior physios who has completed numerous endurance events including the London Classics Trio.

  • Common issues and injuries, and how to avoid them
  • Useful warm-up routines and stretches
  • ‘Do’s and ‘do not’s when preparing for running events
Limited spaces available

What to expect

at a Runners Workshop

Issues and injuries
Get advice on avoiding or dealing with common issues that arise while running

Warm-up routines
Learn stretches and exercises proven to reduce injuries and improve endurance.

Professional advice
‘Do’s and ‘do not’s for running and endurance event preparation.

How to attend

Days, times, locations

£5 per head

Mon 26th October, 2024

19:00 – 20:00

The Park Club, Milton, Abingdon OX14 4RP

What to bring
Your lovely self. No need to bring a ticket; just give your
name at reception and they’ll let you straight through.

Limited spaces, book now to secure your spot

Any questions or queries about this course before you book?
Get in touch with us via info@flexphysiopractice.com or by calling us at 01235 313595