What is Physiotherapy?

Jun 3, 2019

What is Physiotherapy? What does it treat?

Physiotherapy helps patients in the following ways:

  • Re-learning
    normal movement and function
    following injury or the onset of pain due to a variety of causes
    including sporting injuries, accidents, postural problems, pregnancy,
    repetitive strain issues and age related changes.
  • They
    use exercise, education, advice and ‘hands on’ manipulation or manual
    therapy techniques.
  • Help
    people of all ages maintain health, prevent loss of function and prevent joint and muscular pain,
    through things like posture correction and tissue lengthening.
  • Help
    people to get back to the sport they
    love, return to work, maintain independence and increase their general fitness and wellbeing.
  • Physiotherapy
    is a science-based profession and
    looks at the ‘whole person’ – considering the individuals lifestyle goals and
    demands. The patient’s involvement in their own care is aided through
    education, awareness, empowerment
    and participation in their own treatment.
  • Sometimes
    Physiotherapists will initiate referral onto other Medical specialists or where
    needed will request scans or blood tests
    from a GP or consultant.
  • People
    can benefit from Physiotherapy input at any stage of their life – whether as
    part of recovery from sudden injury, chronic
    back pain
    , long term problems like arthritis
    or preparing for a sporting event/aiding injury prevention.


Is there Physiotherapy on Milton Park?


  • Yes,
    Flex Physiotherapy Practice
    (formerly P Bassett Physiotherapy) is based at the Park Club on Croft Drive. They
    are a team of 5 highly experienced
    physiotherapists and 1 sports massage
    therapist who provide daytime, evening and weekend appointments for people
    working on Milton Park and for the wider area of Didcot and South Oxfordshire.
  • Flex
    Physiotherapy Practice specialises in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy – which
    covers things like back pain, whiplash, sports injuries, arthritis, joint pains
    and muscle pains.
  • The
    team are considered experts in diagnosis
    for these types of problems, having Advanced Practice Physiotherapists on the
    team and an average of over 15 years experience in practice.
  • All
    the physiotherapists in the clinic have Chartered
     and are registered with the Health Professions Council.






Cancellation Policy

You will need to give 48 hours notice minimum of any cancellation, otherwise you will be charged £26. No shows will be charged the full rate of the appointment.